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Your Will: A will is a legal document that will provide gifts to your loved ones and describes exactly how your last wishes will be carried out. A will created by an experienced lawyer can save your loved ones thousands of dollars in probate fees and reduces the risk of estate litigation and legal fees.

Your Power of Attorney for Personal Property: This document allows an appointed person to act on your behalf for financial matters. If you become incapacitated, the people you list as your attorneys can look after your financial needs just as you would if you were capable of doing so.

Your Power of Attorney for Personal Care: This document is also known as a living will. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care describes your healthcare wishes and what your loved ones should do if you are incapacitated. This document provides direction to your loved ones if, for instance, you are in a coma or are placed on life-support. This document will give your assigned attorneys the power to make decisions on your behalf which affect your healthcare needs.

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It is easy to have the peace of mind that only an experienced lawyer can provide with the convenience that online or software estate planning packages offer.

Simple & Convenient: Don't waste your time driving to a lawyer's office simply to provide them with answers to questions. At Deverett Law Offices we know that your time is very precious so we have made it easy for you to provide us the answers we need in the comfort of your home or office.
Save Time & Money: We also know that it is difficult to think about the unexpected and we don't want you to rush. These are life long decisions; take your time, make them at your leisure. Don't let a clock in a lawyer's office pressure you into making a quick decision that could affect your loved ones for years to come.

Three Simple Steps to Creating Your Will

Why waste time and money sitting in a lawyer's office answering questions while they are billing you. Deverett Law Offices' online questionnaire will allow you to provide us with the information we require when it's most convenient for you. Here is the simple three step process:

1. You can fill out the questionnaire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or simply fill out portions when you have time and return to it later on. There are no charges or fees to fill out the questionnaire.
2. Once the questionnaire is complete your response will be securely sent to a lawyer at Deverett Law Offices to prepare your documents with the accuracy and effectiveness that only an experienced lawyer can provide.
3. After your document is prepared, we will contact you to set up an appointment with a lawyer to go over the estate document to ensure that it meets your needs. If a more complex document is required a lawyer can tailor it to suite your needs.

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