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If you are interested in creating a will you have undoubtedly explored many options; software, do-it-yourself will kits and even other lawyers. However, these software packages or kits do not offer the peace of mind that only a will created by an experienced lawyer can provide:

Features Deverett Law Offices Estate Planning Software Packages Online Estate Planning Software Do-it-Yourself Will Kits
Legally Binding Will
No-Fine Print
Estate Documents (Will, Power Of Attorney) Created By a Lawyer Specifically For You
Plain Language Legal Advice
Lawyer Witnessed Will
Answer Questions at Your Own Leisure - Not In a Law Office or on the Clock
24/7 Online Access
Online Storage Option for Legal Documents
Tailored for delicate circumstances:        
When a Beneficiary Is Disabled
When You Have an Interest in a Business or Farm
When You Have Been Divorced, Remarried or are Contemplating Marriage
When You Need Explanations on Complicated Matters
When You Are Involved In a Common-Law or Same-Sex Relationship
When You Are Disinheriting a Child or Spouse

Get started on your will right now!"

The first item a person reads when they open a will-kit or software package is the massive disclaimer clause that every will-kit or software package includes. This notice typically tells the purchaser that they should seek out the advice of a lawyer if:

You have questions about the will, any terms used in the form, or the type of gift you wish to make.
You are separated or contemplating divorce;
You are older and potentially subject to undue influence from possible beneficiaries;
You are contemplating marriage;
You are involved in a common-law or same-sex relationship;
You own or have an interest in a business, a farm or appreciated real estate;
Your family situation is complicated (e.g. multiple marriages);
You are unsure that you understand the documents you have created or the proper way to sign them, or that they reflect all your intentions.

This makes you wonder exactly what you have just paid for. Neither does this sound like a simple way to make a will that will provide the gift which you intended to give. There are so many exceptions to these software packages and will kits, how could anyone rely upon them.

Will kits and software packages claim to create a legally binding will, and they do, even a napkin with a signature signed before witnesses is a legally binding will. Wills are very serious legal documents and should not be created haphazardly. The consequences of an improper will can burden your loved ones for years; causing family members to fight; usually resulting in expensive litigation. These types of disputes often result in a lasting blemish on the memory of the deceased; a reminder of how good intentions could go so wrong.

Will kits and software packages do not provide the right protection that people need, and in many cases the use of these products are at the root of estate litigation. At Deverett Law offices, we would like to reduce this problem as much as possible. People think that the only two options available are to spend either $2,000 or $40, this is not the case. There is a professional, cost-effective alternative in the market and Deverett Law Offices holds the solution.

At Deverett Law Offices we are experienced lawyers, we do not need the shelter of a limited liability company, and we prepare wills that we stand behind 100%. You will not get that guarantee from a software package or will kit! We take our work very seriously and pride ourselves in creating wills cost-effectively that suit the needs of our clients.